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We have provided at no charge two sample files for you to download and use with your own data sets. Each file is an Excel workbook that you can use with any version of Excel from 2003 forward. The first file is SPC.xls and is described below. The second is PCA.xls and is described on the Principal Components Analysis page.

Statistical Process Control

SPC Chart

The SPC.xls workbook is not mathematically sophisticated. But it can produce good, solid analysis of processes over time, pointing out for you possible clues to a series of events that has gone out of control – or that might be about to.
SPC.xls performs statistical process control on data collected over a range of dates or times. You can obtain any of these:

You can also call for the so-called "Western Electric Rules" to be used, in which case the X values are flagged if they constitute a violation of one of the rules:

SPC.xls supports various other options, including:

You can download the SPC workbook here.